What are Google Dorks?

Google Dorks, also known as Google Dorking or Google hacking, is a hacking technique used to find the best-desired search results without wasting time searching Google for necessary information. Typically, researchers or hackers use Google dorks to find critical information about a company, individual, software or app, research topic, or anything else. However, a normal person can use Google Dorks in many places to save time and get better information.

How Google Dorks work?

As you are all aware, Google crawls and indexes almost all websites, including some that contain sensitive information. That simply means that Google exposes far too much information about websites, such as the technologies used, usernames, passwords, and some other general flaws.

We are simply exploring that sensitive information by using some simple techniques known as google dorks. Aside from that, by using Google Dorks, we can help Google learn more about what search results we expect from Google.

Why do we need google dorks?

Everyone has a different reason for using Google Dorks. Some of the most common reasons for using Google Dorks are as follows:

  • Cybersecurity experts use Google Dorks to find critical information that is accidentally or knowingly exposed about anything so that they can later hide or delete it so that no one can use it for any wrong purpose.
  • Researchers, content writers, journalists, and other professionals use Google Dorks to collect all of the information available on Google about a specific topic so that they can use that information to achieve their own objectives.
  • Students primarily use Google Dorks to find answers to questions from their textbooks or questions posed by others, as well as to find free leaked versions of a course or a book.
  • Companies and their employees use Google Dorks to gather information about their competitors and to find honest reviews of their products or services, which allows them to improve their products and services and help their company grow faster.

What can we find from Google Dorks?

Google dorks can be used to find a wide range of information, but it is primarily used to find the information described below –

  • critical information of a website, company, organization, software
  • blogs, articles, research papers, etc on a particular topic
  • leaked courses, ebooks, movies, videos
  • reviews about a company, its product, and its services
  • finding solutions to answers to textbook questions

Aside from these, there are numerous other types of information that can be easily found using google dorks.

How to use Google Dorks?

Let’s look at an example. When looking for a free ebook, type filetype: pdf into your Google search box along with the book title, and Google will only show you search results that have a pdf with the same name as you typed in the search box. Try it on your own once for a better understanding.

Collection of Most Useful Google Dorks

We’ve compiled a list of Google Dork collections, with links to them below.